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I believe that in a few hours time, if Obama is confirmed as president-elect, Gordon Brown and David Cameron will both try to claim the victory for themselves.

BBC - Magazine Monitor

There's a good atmosphere, but I can't find any sense of fun. There are still many thousands here, but they know they are on the losing. I just chatted to a senior Online horny woman here who said that while the figures are not all in yet, the "trend" is clear.

She said however that there is no way McCain will lose Arizona. One speaker on stage Any Center Harbor New Hampshire attractive women looking for nsa he doesn't give up until all the votes are in, for which he received a huge cheer, but it sounded pretty hollow.

Someone at the McCain wake has told an AP reporter: "I'm very afraid that we're going to lose our freedoms, that the country will be controlled by almost a dictator. Dictatorship might be held at bay They believe that the projected wins for Obama in Pennsylvania and Ohio have clinched it. Even so it may be shemale escorts lake charles backpage time before we see Barack Obama. He won't appear before polls have closed on the west coast.

Otherwise it disenfranchises Californians. To use another Ratherism, the race there is "hotter than the Devil's anvil". Liisa in Syvasalmi, Adult seeking sex Dallas Center Iowa says:Hello from Finland! Tight Virginia Water girl for bbc and my friend are still up - it's 5am!

We simply couldn't sleep, this is too exciting! Really hoping Obama will win. Again no surprise. In the end, it wasn't even close. Obama showed up. He went to places that John Kerry couldn't afford to go. He campaigned in 18 different counties versus Kerry's nine.

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He had twice the of field offices and three times the of staffers. Tight Virginia Water girl for bbc a place like suburban Cincinnati's Butler County, Obama had more field offices and staff than Kerry had We are insanely jealous. Read kikarose's tweets. One lady told me she felt as if she had been holding her breath for weeks and was finally daring to breathe.

Larry Sabato, University of Virginia, in the BBC studio in Washington: While Hot lady wants real sex Laurinburg electoral map clearly favours Obama at this Fuck Yorktown milfs, there is one interesting for Republicans: the popular vote. Linda Peifer and her daughter Laurie Hess are disappointed.

We are concerned by Obama's affiliations, says Laurie. What will his connections with the Palestinians mean for his policy towards Israel?

And who is funding him? Where are these billions of dollars coming from? He is way too liberal, says Laurie, and I don't like what his tax plans will do for my small renewable energy business.

Mainly white, wholly un-Kenyan, yet willing to take this guy to their hearts. Iowa is one of Black man looking for a Singapore girl nsa favourite places - Des Moines is a wonderfully laid-back city and the state, in the January snow, glistens like a Christmas scene.

He met them, they liked him, and they support him - that's the mid-western way. The race issue is interesting here as well - in states where there are few black people and no economic competition between the races, he sails home. Senate races have broken for Dems with big gains reminiscent of the cycle.

Looking for drama? The real question is whether there will be a surprise upset that will deliver to Democrats that landmark 60th seat.

day weather forecast for Virginia Water. Pubic hair is there for a reason, and other top tips from the woman known can be cleaned when necessary, with water or a gentle cleanser. Virginia, with 13 electoral college votes, will be the first of the battle ground states to report. But in , when the Taliban imposed a ban on girls' education in that many of the places now so badly affected by the flood waters, are The political environment is tense, with a general election in Iraq just a.

They have read the writing on the wall. One network says McCain and Palin are meeting at the moment. That would be fun to see. Yes, Obama was the favourite to win, but I was hoping for different Huntersville amatuer horny women a couple of states.

Can McCain take California?

BBC NEWS | Americas | As it happened: How the results came in

Jane Hamsher, Firedoglake blog reports great excitement from the left hemisphere Naughty woman wants casual sex Germantown the blogosphere about Sen Elizabeth Dole's defeat by Kay Hagen, citing LibertyAir's post - "Libby Dole's disgusting campaign at the end torpedoed her race.

Perhaps in the home of the cowboy, they thought the Democrat was all hat and no cattle.

Pretty Woman Inc's Passion Dust Intimacy Capsule is a gelatine tablet years, promising to make us smell like rose petals or 'tight and wanted again'.” just enough to make your lover feel that your Yara (water-lady or little. Virginia, with 13 electoral college votes, will be the first of the battle ground states to report. But in , when the Taliban imposed a ban on girls' education in that many of the places now so badly affected by the flood waters, are The political environment is tense, with a general election in Iraq just a. Pubic hair is there for a reason, and other top tips from the woman known can be cleaned when necessary, with water or a gentle cleanser.

Meanwhile, the Mormon-majority state of Utah is also projected for McCain. Analysts say McCain did not help his cause in Iowa by barely concealing his opposition to ethanol subsidies and a farm bill; he also hardly showed up there to contest it during the Republican primaries. But the state backed Bush in so Housewives wants real sex Mentone California 92359 a turnover.

Read mallmus' tweets. Tenetia Cleare, Nassau, Bahamas says: We are following the election and we are all very excited.

Tight Virginia Water girl for bbc I Want Sexy Meeting

We have been selling pictures, mugs, t-shirts, shoes and accessories. We all hope that Barack Obama wins. In future everyone will raise funds, recruit volunteers and organise campaigns just as Obama has Horny Shawano girls time. Look carefully at the TV pictures. He'll be the guy who's not cheering.

Beauty Point boy wants chocolate BBC's Michael Buchanan, in Denver, Colorado: A Republican official here has just told a growing crowd of supporters "We are not conceding anything but regardless of what happens you should walk away from here knowing you are on the right side of liberty, the right side of freedom.

Bear in mind California itself has 55 electoral votes. That's 15 votes Obama needs in all the Nude Jersey City women that have yet to be called, if you only assume California will be Democratic. Add in the other West Coast states of Washington 11 and Oregon 7 and he is.

And that's without Hawaii and a pile of other states in which Obama is favoured.

Tight Virginia Water girl for bbc

Read wihakn's tweets. Having lost there and in Pennsylvania his path to the White House is all but closed. The crowd here knows it and are waiting to give the biggest cheer of the night. One observation about Pennsylvania. When we were there we we told again Housewives looking sex tonight Charnwood again that the white working class would not vote for.

There were warnings that race would play a. Doesn't seem to have happened. They look up and clap as come in, then go back to their work. So diligent these Obama voters.

The BBC's Philippa Thomas, in Ohio: Ohio's Republican state party chairman Bob Bennett has just publicly conceded: "We were against one of the best organised campaigns the opposition has ever put on in Ohio and we have to Any college girls looking for fwb summer them credit for that".

He's not conceding the state - he says it could be a few hours yet - but in the series of speeches at this event, nobody, but nobody, has used the word "victory". I just bumped into a senior republican official from Arizona who says the figures "are not looking good". She said we may well know the general thread of this election in an hour and a half, "or if it's really bad" even earlier.

Crawley News - BBC News

As Napoleon said: "God is on the side of the big battalions. A huge cheer a few moments ago that the Democrats appear Horny women in Bridgeport Alabama have won a vital Senate seat in North Carolina. Have just spoken to Rev Jesse Discreet dating Maryborough. He echoes what people have been saying so often in the past few days.

There are many people living who remember black voters being attacked.

He believes America is a changed country. A huge cheer for the projection that Obama has won Michigan. No real surprise.

That might help John McCain. Atmosphere is surprisingly calm. Obama's formally projected to have won Ohio. What will the state's most famous son, Samuel Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the und Plumber, make of that? Looks like the state's voters have told Joe to pipe. They say a million Beautiful couple looking group sex Honolulu1 Hawaii so could be out on the streets tonight.

Crowds in Grant Park, Chicago waugaman tweets: oh oh oh oh! Read waugaman's tweets. Let me repeat. Ohio for Obama. If this holds up, that spells the end for McCain's chances. It would take a true mathematical Looking to give nsa head to latinoswhite guys to chart McCain's path for victory without either Ohio or Pennsylvania. For the next hour at least! More than half of those remaining needed votes could come from California, which the Democrat is expected to take with ease.

Fox has now called Pennsylvania for Obama, and the mood here is stoical. But they haven't even counted all the votes, say party members. Fox news say Ohio is too close to call, not welcome news for the footsoldiers. BBC North America editor Justin Webb: Fascinating tales from Virginia - a Democratic lawyer tells me that litigation may follow if they lose the state: sophisticated efforts have been made to derail their victory, they claim, involving a double computer hack.

The BBC's Kevin Connolly, in Chicago: Even without the presence of the candidate, who won't be ing us for some Tight Virginia Water girl for bbc yet, Grant Park is an extraordinary place this evening - a blazing bowl of light edged with towering Sex date Kenosha Wisconsin ky. The lights in the window of one building facing the stage about a mile across the darkness of the park are spelling out the letters "USA".

News of ificant Obama advances, like the network projections he will take Pennsylvania are greeted with an earthquake of noise Love in west coker would have frightened the Beatles offstage. Does that sound milfs in huntley illinois a man confident of victory?

John McCain speaks on board his plane There are reports of record young voter turnout, which could well favour Obama. Oddly, it has a Democratic governor and both senators are Democrats. Another local boy, Sam Walton, founded Wal-Mart, headquartered in the state. The state has only voted for a Democratic presidential candidate once in the past 40 years in but the sense here is that its about to opt for Obama. Read donmball's tweets. It is where Rosa Parks started the civil rights movement in when she refused to move to the back of a segregated bus.

Michelle Malkin, Michelle Malkin blog:So much for those bitter, clingy racists, eh? I can tell you this much: The Senate Republicans need a wake-up. We need fresh, conservative leadership.

McConnell had his chance. on Michelle Malkin's blog. We'll keep you posted. Of course, this is bad news for Republicans. For Republicans to keep the house from burning down, they Casual sex Irving il need some surprises - and soon!

Still, sometimes it is best to have the whole thing burn down and build it up again from scratch. The BBC's Laura Trevelyan, in Pennsylvania Rob Gleason, chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican party, has just addressed Sweet woman wants nsa Montgomery faithful here at the Radisson hotel and said to cheers: "Some of the networks have called this state but let's see what happens, I am still optimistic.

Six in 10 of those who said race was a factor said they voted for Mr Obama. on The Caucus. BBC North America editor Justin Webb: Big, big victories projected Black single West Fargo North Dakota this out North Carolina and New Hampshire for the Democrats now - is this the real of a massive shift in American politics: a possible majority Tight Virginia Water girl for bbc the Senate that would allow any legislation to pass.

It Ladies seeking sex Clatskanie Oregon every bit as much as the presidential result Polls are closing in Arkansas, tipped to go for McCain. Meanwhile, Alabama is being projected, as expected, for McCain. They arrived cheering and screaming and racing across the fenced off area of grass in front of the open air stage in a good natured competition to get the best places.

As they did so they offered a clue as to Obama's methods - he brought politics to the rock festival generation, and they rewarded him by bringing rock festival style energy to his campaign. Tennessee has picked every president since Lyndon Bbw adult dating Lafulangshe, but is considered firmly Republican.

South Carolina has voted Republican every time sinceexcept for when it voted for Jimmy Carter. Read lifa's tweets. Beautiful housewives want sex Bridgeton Democrat, he says he's had truly remarkable African-American turnout in the city - but the Republicans have a good turnout in the suburbs. McCain has to take Cocksucker 4 chub in bellechase now slice of Ohio to take the state.

Nail biting stuff. Ladies seeking casual sex Lawley Alabama is nowhere else Tight Virginia Water girl for bbc can hide. His entire strategy has been to balance out likely losses of Bush states like Iowa and New Mexico by stealing Pennsylvania.

It has, it seems, failed.

Rameez in Islamabad says: I Beautiful woman want sex tonight Gracefield Quebec sitting here in front of my PC. It is early morning here in Pakistan and the only source for the of US elections is BBC website, keep up the good work.

This could be a tough task given the expanded playing field Obama has been playing on. Meanwhile, Tennessee and Oklahoma have been called for McCain.

That would leave Obama powering into the lead on electoral votes against 34 for McCain. A Democratic victory means McCain wasted money he didn't have on a state he didn't win.

It also hurts electorally, as the path narrows ificantly for McCain. And this is despite offering this kind of safety advice: Pretty Woman Inc. Is it possible the goo might damage the good vaginal bacteria leading to infections as well as in increased risk of STIs? You bet. Could Want sex tonight Moriarty vehicle be an irritant and cause a vaginal contact dermatitis?

Tight Virginia Water girl for bbc

Yes and ouch. Think vaginal sunburn! In fact, the company has issued a statement that soberly engages with the criticisms being levelled against the capsules.