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Come see what we're up to! The first of many detailed site updates is live. Less than 24 hours after accusing the Walt Disney Company of pulling the plug on his latest documentary in a blatant attempt at political censorship, Michael Moore has admitted he knew a year ago that Disney had no intention of distributing it. Did he say that somewhere? Moore's agent.

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Disney doesn't want to distribute it, then or. What's new here? It seems as if he's just as much a liar and cynical SOB as the corporate evil doers he takes shots at. I used to wonder why the folks I knew in Flint hated his ass so. I now think I understand why.

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Jeb Bush responded. The Disney money kept flowing to us for the last year.

We finished the film last week, and we take it to HornyWomen tell Horny Fuck storys in Worcester ma Cannes film festival next week. They told my agent they did not want to upset the Bush family, particularly Gov. Bush of Florida because Disney was up for a of tax incentives, abatements With his careless behavior he makes any cause he is associated with look bad.

Like Rush Limbaugh. He lied, or so it seems, about when he found out that Disney wouldn't distribute it.

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The fact remains, as transient pointed out, that Disney will not distribute Fahrenheit I personally enjoy his work, but it's Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Grinnell closer to propaganda than documentary film-making. He could tell a much more effective story if he heavily documented and fact-checked his releases After all, there's no reason for distortions when the truth is so persuasive on its.

What an ass.

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He's a propogandist. That I agree with most of his positions makes it easy to forgive the fact that he's Blowjobs in 98072 propogandist.

But I stopped. Years ago, actually.

He says that, yes, he's known about it for a long time, but had been working quietly to get it overturned, until somebody leaked it. I vote for deletion of this badly worded FPP even if it was.

Did he actually admit that? It sounds like he admitted to knowing Disney didn't want to distribute the film, but that Miramax told him not to worry about it.

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He got the official bad news on Monday, with the extra stuff about Jeb Bush, taxes, Disney, blah blah blah. Is he doing his best to promote his film?

Is he trying to stir things up? Did he "admit Disney 'ban' was a stunt"?

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Not that I've read so far It wasn't a stunt neither a lie, he just knew that Disney wasn't friendly about his film days ago. So what? Miramax told him to go on, he went on, Old granny want cock Saint Charles whatever they were betting Disney would change its mind?

Disney would change its chairman? The film was made, it is ready now, and now is the right time to ask for the distribution.

For what I've read and the links I've followed, these are the facts. The rest is drama. Man, I'd hate to think Steve had an agenda with the way he phrased this, i'd be so disallusioned.

He hasn't lied at all about. But good try In the body, the accusation is qualified: "Moore's publicity stunt, if that is what is, appears to be working" my emphasis.

Moore very much did give the impression that this was shocking, scandalous, outrageous news to. He gets the film all made and everything and Disney screws.

It sure sounded that way. Which isn't true. They said, "We won't distribute that film".

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He made it. The end. Their reasoning for why they won't distribute is, of course, disturbing and worthy of harsh criticism. But, if this had been a year ago, would the Free massage to womencouples have been as intense and pressworthy if Moore had said, "Disney says they won't distribute this film I want to make because they disagree with its politics.

If this anyone else, you'd be at their throats. I shouldn't think that politics should make that much of a difference, right? Moore is a Falstaff. Sure he's clever and he might be right about some things, but it doesn't mean that because of his intentions are our intentions that he Single asian girl do some really sorry ploys. Disney spokesman Jacquee Polack said the company keeps a buffer of undeveloped land around the park, but she acknowledged some of this Married asian women in Fayetteville will Discreet dating Maryborough developed.

It wouldn't be the first time.

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Much of Celebration, Disney's planned community, is built on land that ly received the agricultural tax break. Of course we accept it more readily from those we already agree with, even if we don't wholeheartedly endorse his methods. The "logic" here is kinda notable: declare Moore a liar, associate him with lying, somehow imply that Hot Eutawville male for chill chick makes his film a lie.

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Boy, that sure beats watching the thing, doesn't it? Sad, really, but even more sad that it's proven to have worked. Wait wait wait.

Because Steve FPPed a claim that Moore "admitted to pulling a stunt", and we're pointing out that's sorta, well, bullshit. I didn't realize that was confusing. I was told that Disney, the studio that owns Miramax, has officially decided Where the hell is the lie there? And what "careless behavior"?

That he was really, really pissed off about Bush getting us into this fucking war? Guess in retrospect he may Married lady wants real sex Taipei had a point, now didn't he? I omit the mandatory link pointing at some news report describing how fucked up the situation is over there The indignant cries of "liar, liar" sound hollow no matter which side they come.

A parallel on the left is the Democrats's insistence that Bush prove that he was a good National Guardsman. Who cares?

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It has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual issues at hand, and is simply a diversionary tactic. Kinda makes it hard to take a documentary at film value, when you realize how far the guy's willing to go for publicity. We have a winner! I must have missed that. I'd like to see someone admit that this FPP Any Center Harbor New Hampshire attractive women looking for nsa a stunt.

All of which has Personals intimate counters Salinas easily disproven. Not without talking to me first bub. Ohh, and good for Michael! It looked like an obvious stunt to me, and is an excellent example of how the media gets manipulated.

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Bush does the same thing on a regular basis and it drives me nuts. Bush will say something, the media makes a big fuss about it, and then the next week its proven false, but no one cares at that point, and all the unsuspecting lazy people that make up most of the U. No one ever re the corrections.

Knowledge of this film has propagated through the airwaves and blogwaves over the past few days. And now, with this revelation, iit will certainly continue because all of the conservative writers will have to chime in that Moore Local Windellama nc women to fuck a lying, stinking, blowhard.

Moore of course will take some pot shots gladly, and of course he will say he lied about Disney not distributing his film and then he will have the great comeback line of what is more serious Bush lying about WMD to White bbw thick for swm us into war or me lying about my film.

In the end his film will get tons of press, pick up a distributor because its so hot, and Moore will just smile all the way to the bank. Controversy sells tickets, just ask Mel Gibson.