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Sexy older woman looking love dating married men I commented on how men view Bisexuality as a transitional identification prior to full acceptance of their Homosexuality.

I then got numerous comments suggesting that I am associating with the wrong kind of people. When I disagreed I was then accused of rejecting advice, for which I was not even asking.

I wanted a purely Bisexual perspective on this issue of discrimination by Men on Bisexual Men. I that anticipated what was to come, the men chiming up and raiding my post with all their opinions and insults. I ed it out!

It then led into numerous insults about my Masculinity and Self Acceptance. To which I dismissed and detailed why I dismissed.

This was then met with countless other insults accusing me of being a closet case, repressed bottom, a sissy, this that and the other thing.

Yeah, you won't get a good attitude from me if you speak to me in that way! I Free sex chat Brownwood threw your attitudes back into your face and was again met with the same back handed comments questioning my Masculinity and assumptions of Self-Hatred. I have also been looking at how posts here get rated Up and Down and have seen a pattern!

Posts which put into question anything to do with the prevailing acceptance of Norms are ranked in minuses with the exception of the FEW posts that are just stupid and pointless. The patterns show that this forum is not predominated by Bisexuals who are outside of the Community, but by several friends who run posters with any dissenting viewpoints out! I ed them out on it in this thread.