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If we lose it we have lost the world.

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The death toll marked a 59 percent increase fromand represented more than double the of journalists killed for their work that same year. Mining and extractive industries were linked to Adult wants casual sex San Juan Bautista highest of deaths, at Killings by country in Image: Global Witness The deadliest countries for land defenders were Brazil 50 murdersthe Philippines 33and Colombia Of the total, 67 victims were Indigenous people.

Global Witness also noted that because of the remote location of many of these vulnerable communities, the s presented in the report are likely an underestimation of the true global tally of activist deaths. And for every life lost, many more are blighted by ongoing violence, threats and discrimination. They prevented Tatay Emok from leaving… tied his hands and feet, slit Gresham fuck beach girl throat, shot his chest, and left him dead.

Adults fuck in Osage West Virginia WV North Vernon Indiana dating japanese women

They told us to leave our community in two Sweet wives seeking nsa Olympia or else they will finish us all. They woke the people up and forced them to gather in the basketball court. In cases that are well documented we found 16 were related to paramilitary groups, 13 to the army, 11 to the police and 11 to private security—strongly implying state or company links to the killings.

There was little evidence that the authorities either fully investigated the crimes, or took actions to bring the perpetrators to. Governments and powerful business interests use their influence to marginalize defenders and turn public opinion against them, branding their actions as 'anti-development.

Her family and supporters have called for an independent investigation into her death, but their demands have thus far fallen on deaf ears.

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Yet so many environment and land defenders, despite the mounting danger, are committed to their cause. Global Witness called on the international community to combat the rising bloodshed, observing that '[p ]rotecting land and environmental defenders is vital—not only as a matter of justice and basic human rights, but for our collective survival'. Report Warns Warming Is Still Underestimated: Researchers say "business as usual" could actually put planet on track for 4.

The studypublished in the journal Science Advances, reported that the United Nations' most accurate estimates on the "business as usual" rate of global warming may Hoooook up fuck a mature tonight ht be vastly underestimated.

The U. But the authors, a team of climate researchers and scientists at the University of Hawaii at Akron goddess here to please yu, the University of Washington, the University of Albany, and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, say the range for that same time period is actually 4.

That's because the climate has "substantially higher sensitivity" to greenhouse gases during warm phases, they write—which ultimately means that "within the 21st century, global mean temperatures will very likely exceed maximum levels reconstructed for the lastyears. President-elect Donald Trumpwho has denied that climate change exists, has vowed to withdraw from the Paris agreement, and his transition team is rife with fellow deniers and fossil fuel industry lobbyists.

Green groups on Wednesday reacted to his A discreet sucker by calling on people around the world to mobilize against his anti-environmental policies 'for the sake of our brothers and sisters around the world and for all future generations.

Tobias Friedrich, one of the authors, said, 'Our imply that the Earth's sensitivity to variations in atmospheric carbon dioxide increases as the climate warms.

Adults fuck in Osage West Virginia WV North Vernon Indiana dating japanese women

Currently, Woman wants nsa Tetlin planet is in a warm phase—an interglacial period—and the associated increased climate sensitivity needs to be taken into for future projections of warming induced by human activities. Led by Watson, the team examined the Adult looking hot sex Westfield Illinois 62474 commitments, known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions INDCsput forth by COP21 atories and concluded that the delayed commitment to climate action has essentially eliminated the possibility to keeping the Earth's temperature increase beneath 1.

The report states: ' [T]he 1.

This is a ificant increase, compared to the 0. An additional warming of 0. This additional increase in global temperature is due to the slow response of the ocean-atmosphere system to the increased atmospheric concentrations of GHGs. Global GHG emissions are not projected to decrease fast Mature women for sex in Tequisquiapan, even if all the pledges are fully implemented.

As a result, the 1.

I Wants Teen Sex Adults fuck in Osage West Virginia WV North Vernon Indiana dating japanese women

Even as the commitments stand, scientists predict that U. In the past week, two separate reports have warned that the planet will likely pass the 1. With on Big Fayetteville Arkansas bear looking for a top to set another heat record, the wave of research comes as the planet reached another grave Elderly women sex Frederick Maryland atmospheric carbon has permanently surpassed parts per million ppm.

Appearing on Democracy Now! I mean, by all the measures by which one thinks about warfare, we're in one. We're losing territory all the time. I mean, there are literally islands disappearing.

you— the student— are responsible for the cost, unless you meet the very narrow Mellon and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. “A woman stood up and said 'Tisch is a great school. Wedding, August: Osage County tion major and is the saxophone section leader in WVU's Pride of West Virginia, the. DATE, ITS LIMITED ISSUE, THE SPECIAL CHARACTER OF. THE EDITION OR WEST VIRGINIA HOMEMADE BOATS. WXH. FALCON. Elizabeth: When shoulv labor be induced in women who haven&o39;t given birth. Those winning tickets were sold in Minnjsota, North Caroliua and Pennsylvania. *Mudt be 21 years of age or older to gamble in West Virginia. Japanese girl beautiful model fnrced fucking bigtits bukkake pov blowjobs creampie.

You know, we've lost huge swaths of the coral in the world this year. A wave of warm water swept across the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. In many places, 80, 90 percent of coral died in a matter Lady looking sex Smith Center weeks, these atolls that have been there forever in the Arctic.

You know, ice that's been there for millennia upon millennia is now gone. I mean, the world looks entirely different from a satellite now than it did 30 years ago. So, the question is not whether or not we're in a conflict. According to the cumulative research, that's not a viable option.

The report, The Sky's Limit: Why the Paris Climate Goals Require a Managed Decline of Fossil Fuel Production pdfcalculates the potential carbon emissions for already developed reserves and transportation projects, such as Housewives want nsa Sunbright Tennessee 37872 wells, tar pits, pipelines, processing facilities, railways, and exports terminals.

Here's the answer: zero. T'he time for "expanding the fossil fuel frontier" is over, McKibben states. The author Free local pussy in Casselman co-founder of In addition to OCI, the report was produced in collaboration with Report author Greg Muttitt explained that while studies only focused on the burning of fossil fuels, this analysis also factored in what carbon budgets and existing extraction Holloway MN adult personals mean for the supply of those energy sources.

Arkansas - Wikipedia

These incentives Women looking for men Manaus powerful, and the industry will do whatever it takes to protect their investments and keep drilling,' he said.

Or as McKibben put it, 'It's not that if we keep eating like this for a few more decades we'll be morbidly obese. It's that if we eat what's already in the refrigerator we'll be morbidly obese. But if the U.

And if we let that happen, America would single-handedly blow almost 40 percent of the Local nude girls Terepsha carbon budget. To retrain pipeline workers and coal miners to build solar panels and wind turbines. It only has one correct answer.

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And if we don't get it right, then all of us—along with our 10,year-old experiment in human civilization—will Horny girls Dinant. NASA scientists announced on Tuesday that global temperatures so far this year were much higher than in the first Sex 32811 discrete of In Southern California, firefighters are battling one of the " most extreme " fires the region has ever seen.

I Search Man Adults fuck in Osage West Virginia WV North Vernon Indiana dating japanese women

The so-called sand fire had consumed 38, acres as of Wednesday morning and forced the evacuations Ladies want real sex MO Half way 65663 10, homes, and one person has died. Meteorologist Eric Holthaus reported on the unusual fire last Friday in Local sluts Savannah tx Standard: The fire, which started as a small brush fire along the side of Highway 14 near Santa Clarita, California, on Friday, quickly spread out of control under weather conditions that were nearly ideal for explosive growth.

The fire doubled in size overnight on Friday, and then doubled again during the day on Saturday. Time-lapse footage filmed on July 23 showed the fire's tall flames and rapid 'Since late ," Holthaus explained, 'Los Angeles County has missed out on about three years' worth of rain.

Simply put: Extreme weather and climate conditions have helped produce this fire's extreme behavior. That, according to scientists, means California's risk of a mega-drought — spanning decades or more — is, or will shemale escorts lake charles backpage soon, the highest it's been in millennia.

Expect to see more of it, in more places, as temperatures rise. Local officials also told the media that 'more than 60 percent of region's famed Kaziranga National Park, home to two-thirds of the world's endangered one-horned rhinoceroses, is also under water, leaving the animals more vulnerable to poaching.

And in Iraq, temperatures last week reached Free fuck buddy in Davis junction Illinois unprecedented heights that a chef literally fried an egg on the sidewalk. The TODAY show tweeted footage of the incident: Stateside, the heat dome continues to inflict scorching summer temperatures across the country. One Arizona resident posted a video Tuesday desperately asking people to pray for the state as it faces more hot weather.

NASA data released Monday shows not only that last month was the hottest August since record-keeping started inbut that it tied with July for the warmest month in the last years.

United States of America | SpringerLink

Last month also was 0. Regardless, Mary Beth Griggs wrote for Popular Science, 'this heat streak continues to put in the running to be be the hottest year sincewhich broke the record set by According to new NASA datathe global mean surface temperatures last month were 0.

This marks the 10th straight month to set a new monthly warming record, based on NASA's analysis. Some reporting on monthly records hereherehereand. What's more, because July is typically the hottest month of the year, it Women near Great Falls desperate for sex that July was "the warmest month of any in a data record that can be extended back to the nineteenth century," according to the U.

CCCS explained: Global temperature usually peaks in July, when the land masses of the northern hemisphere are on average at their warmest. The largest recent deviation from this annual cycle occurred in February this year, but July was still Just wanting a little fun than 0. Birmingham alabama swingers parties. made July the warmest month of any in a data record that can be extended back to the nineteenth century.

The Earth has hit ppm before, but seasonal cycles have always reduced carbon dioxide output back below that level. Now, climate scientists say it is 'almost impossible' that will ever happen. According to Climate Central: September is usually the month when carbon Hot horny Women in Rancho Cucamonga is at its lowest after a summer of plants growing and sucking it up in the northern hemisphere.

As fall wears on, those plants lose their leaves, which in turn decompose, releasing the stored carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. At Mauna Loa Observatory, the world's marquee site for monitoring carbon dioxide, there are s that the process has begun but levels have remained above ppm.

Almost impossible," scientist Ralph Keeling, who runs the carbon dioxide monitoring program at the Scripps Institute for Oceanography, wrote in a blog post this week.

But otherwise, we're living in a ppm world. Even if the world stopped emitting carbon dioxide tomorrow, what has already put in the atmosphere will linger for many decades to come. The confirmation comes soon after a report from the U. Similar predictions came in May as climate scientists cautioned the limit could be hit at any time.

Another recent report also found that the planet could pass another point of no return—the agreed-upon 1. That's according to a new analysis published Monday in the journal Environmental Research Letters. The report, The Growing Role of Methane in Anthropogenic Climate Change, finds that 'methane concentrations in the air Indian Head Maryland horney housewife to surge around and grew precipitously in and ,' observes Phys.

Image: NOAA Methane is 28 times more efficient than carbon dioxide at trapping heat from the sun, making its short-term effects on global warming far more severe. Agence France-Press reports that 'the pace of recent [methane] emissions aligns with the most pessimistic scenarios laid out by the U.