Articles by: Jameson McKenna

A Time for Recognition : Time Magazine acknowledges The Silence Breakers as its Person of the Year

By February 26, 2018

Food For Thought:

Sexual harassment survivors have entered the spotlight in a way they never have before. Due to the newfound attention, survivors are receiving as a result… Read More ›

Why Confederate statues need to go

By October 20, 2017

Domestic Policy:

Thousands of Americans marched in Charlottesville to protect a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee. By the end of the weekend, 30 people were… Read More ›

From bold to gold: women band together in pursuit of a common goal—equality.

By May 28, 2017

Food For Thought:

The United States Women’s National Hockey Team won big this year—and not just in major tournaments. This year, they fought for higher wages, equal training… Read More ›