The damage inflicted on Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina by Hurricane Florence indicates that the US government must focus more on climate change.

On August 31st, Hurricane Florence formed in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean due to the water temperatures being around two to four degrees (Fahrenheit) warmer than usual. Though it fell short of its initial description as a Category Four hurricane, the storm still obliterated different regions in the Carolinas and Virginia. Scientists have concluded that global warming is the root cause of these increasingly disastrous storms.

Hurricane Florence is partially the fault of humans. Environmentally unfriendly actions, such as burning fossil fuels and emitting carbon dioxide, result in climate change and thus, more severe hurricanes. Different actions by the government, such as pulling out of the Paris Agreement (the global committee that works towards ending climate change) and cutting funding towards research on climate change, do not help prevent devastating events like hurricanes. It is vital that the US government focuses more on climate change; doing so will save money and lives.

Hurricane Florence led to the evacuation of one million people due to threatening wind, rain, and flooding. In the Carolinas, one out of every two households was left without power for days. Additionally, thirteen tornadoes were created because of the hurricane. This combination of flooding, rainfall, and strong winds impacted many different towns, inflicting over twenty-two billion dollars of damage with a death toll of over fifty lives. Though hurricanes are a natural occurrence, when humans have an influence on a tempest’s magnitude, action must be taken. It is vital that our government directs funding back into climate change and cracks down on the many environmentally unfriendly actions conducted in the US.

          Hurricane Florence is an example of a historically standard hurricane that developed into a more dangerous storm due to climate change. It has been recorded that there was 50% more rainfall during Hurricane Florence than would have occurred without factors caused by climate change. In many different cities, record high water marks were set due to sea levels rising, resulting in even more severe flooding. The US government must take actions, such as rejoining the Paris Agreement and funding research on climate change.

Based on the damage and the vast changes to the storm due to climate change, it is vital that our government works towards combating global warming. The complications of climate change prove that our country should not be opting out of the Paris Agreement and cutting funding towards research. The US government should immediately acknowledge the validity of global warming and work towards reducing it. Hurricane Florence has come and gone, leaving a path of destruction. With the proper reaction, the Trump administration and the US government can save money and lives in the future.