With the 2020 election rapidly approaching, Americans have already begun searching for possible Democratic opponents to defeat President Donald Trump.

Unlike the 2016 presidential election, in which Hillary Clinton quickly emerged as a frontrunner for the Democrats in early 2015, nobody has taken the definite step forward to represent Democrats. The lack of potential nominees is likely due to the chaos of the 2016 midterm elections, and the huge challenge faced by those attempting to take on President Trump. Another brutal election is inevitable, especially with Trump full of confidence from his 2016 win: “Nobody is going to come close to beating me.” For the Democrats to win in 2020 and beat President Trump, they must put forward an equally confident and self-assured opponent.  

The emotional toll of an aggressive Republican campaign on Democratic nominee Clinton was evident. In her memoir What Happened Clinton writes that her loss “still is very painful. It hurts a lot.” The 2016 election was not just about opposing political stances but a severe clash of morals between the two parties; the Democrats remained focused on the political issues, whereas President Trump relied on personal attacks and insults.

“She doesn’t even look presidential,” he told ABC addressing Clinton’s fitness for the Presidency. The 2016 election was not just political but deeply personal. Whoever steps forward to take on Trump in the 2020 election must be tough enough to withstand unprecedented harsh criticism from the Republican party and cannot back down under intense pressure and expectations. Without a confident candidate, President Trump’s aggressive campaign will prevail once more.

For many Democrats, the possibility of another defeat looms—if Hillary Clinton can’t win, one of the most qualified and well-prepared candidates in history, who can? President Trump capitalized on the press coverage of his many scandals, while the media spent a vast majority of their time hung up on Clinton’s private email server. Trump seems to get a free pass, whereas the lives of Democratic candidates are picked apart. Stepping up to a barrage of personal attacks and the examination of one’s character is a daunting task and one that no Democrat is currently committed to undertaking. Democrats must choose a candidate who has a chance of toppling the massive media presence that Trump has secured.

Many have begun to speculate about who might have a chance at beating Donald Trump in the next election. Former Vice President Joe Biden is considering a potential campaign but has stated that he will not make any permanent decisions about running for President until later in January. Democrats are also pushing for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to run, but she said she will merely “consider” the possibility of a 2020 campaign. Both would be strong challengers to President Trump’s impulsive tactics.

Although Democrats are still unsure about potential 2020 candidates, the necessity of a win is clear. Democrats can’t afford another loss if they hope to control the direction of our nation and enact stronger, more efficient legislation. If they can simply find someone to lead the charge against President Trump in 2020, the door is open for Democrats to win the Presidency. Choosing potential nominees for 2020 is merely the first step: the candidates must be well prepared to tackle the Trump administration.

“Enough moping,” former President Barack Obama told Democrats at a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee. It’s time to focus on the future, and how voters have the power to drastically alter the American political climate in 2020.