Following Trump’s election and Britain’s decision to leave the EU, France’s youngest president ever sworn into office brought with him hope for a reformed labor market and lower taxes. Just four months after France celebrated the victory of Emmanuel Macron, many citizens are reevaluating their vote. The 30,700 dollars Macron spent on makeup since May is only one of several events this past summer that concerned the public.

A few months ago, Macron represented the youthful strength of the country, a refreshing and hopeful sight for many citizens. But how does that image relate to the actual person? Have the 30,700 French government dollars spent on makeup simply been concealing a president full of empty promises?

According to CNN, the first of many scandals took place in July, when Macron argued with appointed Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on whether to implement tax cuts despite the rising national deficit. In spite of his opposition, Macron proceeded to reduce taxes, and instead placed money that was originally intended for public spending towards the deficit.

The attempt to promote his wife to the official status of “First Lady,” however, was the breaking point. France reacted with nothing short of outrage because the position was not just an empty title—it would give his wife access to France’s funds and allow her to hire her own personnel. According to the Guardian, the French are not pleased by this double standard—at the same time as Macron was pushing for his wife’s title, he was also supporting the “morality” law, which would prevent anyone in parliament from employing their spouses or family members.

Each one of these events has brought down Macron’s approval rating one chunk at a time. In May, 62 percent of the country supported him. By mid-August, this number decreased to just over 36 percent, and of these supporters, only 23 percent thought he would actually generate improvement.

The most recent scandal concerning Macron’s make-up usage has led his representatives to assure the public that his make-up expenses will drop significantly in the near future, but the people are now wary that he will keep his promises.

While he has made significant traction internationally, attempting to convince Trump to rethink his decision to step out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Macron continues to lose support in his own country. Inaugurated as President of France, Macron must focus on France’s needs first.

Macron has the potential and the right goals to shape France into the political, social, and economical role model he promised on his campaign trail, but without putting the needs of his people before the quality of blush on his face, he will not be able to fix anything.