Democrats have failed to rebrand themselves since their defeat in the 2016 elections. Perhaps their best efforts were the slogans proposed by the Democratic Congressional Committee. Rather than inspiring the nation to move forward, these slogans stick to last year’s message. If Democrats want to “make Congress blue again,” as one of their slogans reads, they must seriously reconsider their platform and how to make it appealing again.

Democrats are more prone to resist than to compromise, yet they made the most progress when working with President Trump. As reported by Reuters, a meeting with him on September 6th secured funding to run the government for three more months, set aside aid for Hurricane Harvey victims, and possibly ensured the security of those protected by the DREAM Act. This kind of action is exactly what Democrats need if they wish to appeal to voters tired of government standstill.

Besides their slogan, Democrats must change their overall message. What lost them votes in historically blue states such as Michigan and Wisconsin was their inability to connect with the needs of those voters. As David Betras, a Democratic chairman from Ohio, explained when he was interviewed by the Washington Post, “People in the heartland thought the Democratic Party cared more about where someone else went to the restroom than whether they had a good-paying job.”

Democrats have begun to alter their mission statement slightly. Their Senate website suggests several ways America can help the working class. They promise to create better jobs, to lower living costs for families, and to be independent of special interest groups. They also steer clear of controversial social issues that turned away many of their blue-collar voters.

This is a start, but the Democratic Party can do much more. Short of adopting populist policies, the Democrats should assure their constituents that in a time of changing needs and technology, they are looking out for them, whether by re-training workers for today’s economy, or by creating more jobs by supporting small business’s growth across the nation.

However, these promises mean nothing if the Democrats cannot produce results. They must prove that they can create legislation that can benefit the American people. They must once again demonstrate that they can be the party of working Americans, not of East and West Coast elites. A Democratic Party that stands for nothing except being against the president is not a party that can win.