Twenty million.

That’s how many American lives will be in jeopardy if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. Despite the Republican party’s commitment to repealing ObamaCare, they have failed to articulate a cohesive replacement plan. Without a replacement plan, the new government must keep ObamaCare, unless they plan to deprive millions of people of its benefits.

Before the Obama Administration passed the Affordable Care Act, nearly one in two people could be denied healthcare because of a pre-existing condition such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, pregnancy or even something as ridiculous as acne.

Even those who had favorable insurance for years were blindsided. Once they required healthcare, their premiums rose immensely and insurance was no longer a financially available option. Insurance companies were out to make the largest profit.

The Affordable Care Act intended to make healthcare available to all Americans at a reasonable price. With ObamaCare, insurance increased in reliability, especially for citizens struggling financially or medically. Previously, Americans could depend on their insurance only once, before the cost skyrocketed. If the government repeals this system without a replacement, the nation will only return to the same cycle.

The Affordable Care Act specifically mandates that insurance companies cannot deny coverage or vary premiums based on a patient’s medical condition or history. Furthermore, it holds insurance companies accountable if they refuse healthcare to anyone who’s medically compromised, which lowers healthcare costs, guarantees more choice, and enhances the quality of care for all Americans.

With this increased variety of healthcare options, ObamaCare shrinks the previous gaps between individuals who couldn’t afford insurance and those who were uninsured.

The Affordable Care Act also includes a number of programs and funding improvements, like the expanded Children’s Health Insurance Program, designed to increase program integrity in Medicaid. The program ensures that all Americans can receive long-term care services and support in their home and in the community. Thus, the system allows people to access the medical care they need without the fear of accumulating debt.

Many of the those who oppose ObamaCare believe it only created a rise in taxes and higher premiums for those already insured. ObamaCare was supposed to lower premiums, yet for most insurance owners it did the exact opposite, outraging many Americans. However, all of these consequences are overshadowed by the millions of Americans that now have legitimate and affordable healthcare options. Furthermore, even those whose premiums rose retained their insurance, which is now more reliable than ever, and increases in premiums have slowed since ObamaCare went into effect.

Instead of repealing ObamaCare without a replacement, The Trump Administration should modify the current Affordable Care Act in order to lessen the necessary consequences of providing reasonable healthcare for all Americans with ObamaCare.

Trump, who ran his campaign on repealing American healthcare, has offered few details on potential replacements since winning the election. Trump maintains, “Obamacare is the Democrats’ problem. We are going to take the problem off the shelves for them. We’re doing them a tremendous service by doing it. We could sit back and let them hang with it. We are doing the Democrats a great service.”

Trump appears to have no replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act. He’s prepared to repeal it and leave millions of Americans without insurance nor health care— a death sentence of sorts. If Republicans wish to help the United States, they must establish a replacement before removing ObamaCare.