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Michelle Obama will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most influential and inspiring first ladies in American history. Leaving the White House with some of the highest approval ratings ever, she has left a profound mark on the United States and has served as a powerful role-model for girls everywhere. But can former supermodel and current first lady Melania Trump fill the Michelle-sized hole in America’s heart?

Raised in a one-bedroom bungalow in Chicago, Michelle Obama excelled in school from an early age and went on to graduate cum laude from Princeton University. With a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in African American Studies, she went on to earn a degree from Harvard Law School. In her early career, Obama left corporate law to pursue public service involving both education and health care, demonstrating her passion for enriching the lives of others.

Around this time, nearly 5,000 miles away, Melania Trump, a college dropout in pursuit of a career in modeling, immigrated to the United States from Slovenia.. She arrived in New York with an H-1B Visa, a type of documentation reserved for “highly skilled workers” who typically have to show proof of at least a college degree in order to apply. Trump’s accomplishments, listed on her website, include working with “top photographers,” “gracing” the covers of many magazines, and launching her own jewelry collection. This repertoire of achievements speaks very little toward her personal beliefs, values, and priorities as a leader, raising questions regarding her plans in the role of first lady. Her demonstrated lack of character also sparks doubt concerning Trump’s ability to replace a first lady as passionate and bright as Obama.

After her husband’s inauguration in 2009, Obama brought many of her youth-centered interests to the White House. Whilst Barack Obama pushed for health care reform, Michelle Obama launched the Let’s Move campaign, targeting childhood obesity. She even managed to pass legislation, a feat very few in her position had previously accomplished, that improved lunch and nutrition programs in federal schools. Her determination to enact laws supporting her campaign exemplifies her strong work ethic and commitment to improving the lives of American children.

During her husband’s second term, Obama centered her campaigns on education. Her Reach Higher and Let Girls Learn initiatives encouraged young Americans, particularly girls living in areas of conflict, to continue with their education beyond high school. She stressed the importance of learning, asserting the profound effect a good education had on her and her husband’s lives. In a 2009 speech to young girls in London, Michelle Obama emphasized the importance of dedication, hard work, and a good education through saying, “Nothing in my life’s path would have predicted that I’d be standing here as the first African-American first lady of the United States of America. There is nothing in my story that would land me here.”

Although Melania Trump’s hobbies, such as doing pilates and reading magazines, represent the amount of attention she gives to health and education, she has chosen to focus her efforts as the first lady on cyberbullying. This choice seems appropriate, as her husband has used his Twitter as a platform to insult various individuals through words such as “bimbo,” “loser,” “dummies” and “crooked.”

As arguably the most well-known woman in politics, the first lady’s job is much more significant than simply standing and smiling alongside the president. The first lady has the opportunity to enact change throughout the country and to influence the next generation of innovators and officials.

Over the past eight years, Michelle Obama has inspired millions with her story and strength as a leader. Her message of education first has encouraged many young girls and individuals of color to follow their dreams, no matter how far fetched or unfeasible.