Even though the presidential election took place less than a year ago, many forecasters are already looking ahead to the next election in 2016. Some more active individuals are already organizing groups known as Super PACs (Political Action Committees) to encourage potential candidates to run for office through support and donations. The newest Super PAC on the block is Ready for Hillary. The Ready for Hillary PAC is designed to prime not only the public but also Hillary herself for a potential candidacy.

Ready for Hillary is a Super PAC that supports Hillary Clinton with donations and spreads awareness of her potential campaign. As the website outlines, “Ready for Hillary is the vehicle through which Americans of all walks of life are expressing their support for a potential Hillary run.” Not only is this group gathering donations, but it’s also letting Hillary Clinton know that she has an army of grassroots supporters that is ready to help her if she decides to run. Her PAC thus serves as a confidence boost if she has any doubts about a prospective 2016 run. The group’s proactive use of social media helps to spread the message, as people who might not yet be invested in the 2016 election are exposed to the Ready for Hillary page.

The Ready for Hillary Super PAC is priming the American people for a 2016 Hillary Clinton run. On the website, quotations from politicians and celebrities advertise their endorsement of Clinton. What the PAC is attempting to do is spread the news that Hillary Clinton is a probable 2016 candidate and in the event that she chooses to run, that she is a candidate to rally behind. Because this group was started in January of 2013, and not a couple years down the road, it will have more time to expand its already substantial support base (the PAC already has over one million followers). By the time the election comes around, the number of supporters will no doubt have grown considerably. In a political arena where head starts are invaluable, Clinton has already garnered a significant advantage.

In the past, other presidential candidates have used PACs as a way to enhance their campaigns. Some past PACs include Restore Our Future, which backed recent presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and Local Voices, which actively gathers donations for Barack Obama. PACs hold considerable sway, able to rally support for a chosen candidate independent of the official campaign. While it can’t be determined yet if Clinton is the most likely candidate for the Democratic nomination and then the presidency, her budding Super PAC surely gives her a significant advantage.