Articles by: Ranch Kimball

North and South Korean Relations: Reasons for Cautious Optimism.

By February 26, 2018


Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have recently eased. North and South Korea are engaged in diplomatic talks, including discussions about the former’s controversial nuclear weapon… Read More ›

A Better Deal: Reviving the Democratic Party

By October 20, 2017


Democrats have failed to rebrand themselves since their defeat in the 2016 elections. Perhaps their best efforts were the slogans proposed by the Democratic Congressional… Read More ›

Election In The Gambia: A Fresh Start

By August 13, 2017


In Africa, democracy is hard to come by, but for The Gambia, a small West African nation surrounded by Senegal, that dream may just be… Read More ›

Muslims in Myanmar: the enduring persecution of the Rohingya

Muslims in Myanmar: the enduring persecution of the Rohingya

By May 28, 2017


Considered the “most friendless people in the world,” the Rohingya’s conditions have only been deteriorating. A small Muslim minority in Myanmar, the Rohingya have endured… Read More ›

The Gambian President: A new beginning of democracy in Africa

By March 9, 2017


In Africa, elected governments are a rarity, but for the Republic of the Gambia, better known as The Gambia, the dream of democracy has the… Read More ›